Detect Weapons

As safety concerns arise around the topic of irrugulated acces to weapons, a weapon detector in videos and images is crucial to ensure public safety. However, such task can not be maintained by humans. The use of deep learning to detect weapons makes the recognition and categorization of weapons in photos and videos more accessible. AI-powered firearm detection has the potential to be a critical public-safety solution.

Theft and Loss Prevention

Retail suffers tremendousely from inventory losses that can be explained by shoplifting, employee theft or other errors that are costly for companies. To overcome the issue, deep learning models can be very effective as they can detect and recognize the act of theft and immediatly alert interested parties. This technology can detect even the smallest objects and prevent their loss or theft.

Abandoned Luggage

Abandoned objects raise public suspicions since they can be potential threats. Using deep learning solves this problem by detecting potential harmful abandoned objects (suitcases or bags that might hold explosives or biological warfare) in public locations. Abandoned object detection used for visual surveillance is an effective method in guarantying public safety and determining whether specified areas include abandoned and potentialy harmful objects.

Package Theft Prevention

With the rise of online shopping, package theft has become a more occuring problem since your package can be delivered to your doorsteps at any given time. It creates an opportunity for others to steal your unsupervized packages. To prevent package theft, deep learning can be used as an effective tool to detect and alert on the delivery of your packages based on video footage.