Fashion is considered a form of self expression. People are interested into matching their outfit to a certain aesthetic. Differentiating between different aesthetics and keeping track of the trendy ones becomes more of a challenge. Creators use AI to define the top fashion trends at any moment and adapt the colour, materials and texture of their products to match customers expectations.

Smart Recommendation

When a searched item is out of stock, companies need to maintin customer engagement. It is pertinent to use AI as a tool to make customers purchase products similar to their first search. A product recommendations model will suggest similar and relevant product suggestions to reduce bounce rates, increase basket size and drive sales.

Visual Search

In order to guaratntee the best experience for customers, it is necesary to adapt methods and processes to their needs. Customers will find it convenient to discover the items they desire if they can search by picture rather than words and terms. Connecting customers with comparable items using visual search and computer vision can increase chances of purchasing and cross-selling.