We are partnering up with Data Scientists, AI Companies, Technology Partners and Consulting Firms.

  • 1

    Submit your AI Model through the Platform

    After submitting your AI model, a Deep Learning Engineer will reach out to you for a one to one session

  • 2

    Test your Model in Private

    We guide you through every step of the testing process. We provide you with best practices to optimize your model before official launch.

  • 3

    Make your model ready for production

    We use our in-house technologies to make your Model ready for production. We conduct extensive testing and suggest changes to your model to accelerate inference time and accuracy.

  • 4

    Publish your first hit

    Show your AI Model to the world and follow its Market reach in the Dashboard of your account.

  • 5

    Start receiving royalties for your work

    Once your Model start getting traction, monitor your gains and watch it being profitable.

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