Food Items

Diet is highly associated with health and chronic illnesses. Having a balanced diet leads to a well maintained lifestyle. The necessity of identifying ingredients in prepared meals has risen and with the help of AI it has become possible. Our model recognizes food items and ingredients in images to help you sustain your diet.

Order Delivery

With the pandemic, food delivery has become more popular among consumers. Percision and speed are factors that restaurants need to take into consideration to improve consumers' satisfaction. The food industry can use AI to ensure the accuracy of orders. Our model can help restaurants align delivered meals with the orders.

Calorie Estimation

Concerns about calories have become persistent. High-fat foods can ruin a person's efforts in maintaining an ideal weight. Deep learning models can generate calorie estimations based on an image conducted analysis. Keeping track of nutritional value in meals can lead you to building healthier habits.

Food Quality

Food quality is one of the most pressing issues where AI can be a game changer. Up until now, the only way to determine the quality and freshness of food is by tasting it. This comes at the expense of our health. With AI it is possible to evaluate food quality based on images. Our food recognition models can accurately define if your food is fresh and ready for consumption.