Data Exploration

Explore the depth of your data

Although researchers tend to spend more time on model architecture design and parameters tuning, the Data is at the epicenter of any machine learning project.

With Beewant, Explore and Gather insights on your input using statistical and visualization techniques to get relevant output on your data. Optimize and scale your projects faster.

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AI models

Building reliable Models helps solve real world problems. There are many different fields that use AI models with different levels of complexity and purposes, including computer vision, robotics, and natural language processing.

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A unique CPU & GPU setup

The process of training neural networks is the most challenging part in the AI model life cycle. To achieve a high level of accuracy, significant amount of data and computing power is required to train the network.

Our unique CPU and GPU setup help us perform trainings at scale.

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95 % accuracy on average

We boost AI models with more data to make improvements on accuracy and speed. Augmenting the model’s accuracy enables us to exceed demanding quality, cost, and latency requirements.

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x20 speed-up in inference time

Beewant runs a large scale production infrastructure to orchestrate AI Models deployment and monitoring.

On average, we perform 25ms inference time on Object Detection and Classification tasks.

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